The Abstract Submission Deadline Date Has Passed

Please contact the scientific secretariat if you have any questions at congress@essd.org



  • Abstracts submitted must be original research never before published or presented.

  • The scientific committee may reject submissions of low scientific merit, that appear to violate ethical principles, are not sufficiently relevant to the mission of the ESSD and/or exhibit significant commercial bias.

  • Abstracts comprised of isolated case reports or limited case series are of limited scientific value and will only be considered for poster presentation.

  • For presentation of research based on the investigation of human subjects, the authors must affirm that their research was conducted under the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and was approved by an institutional review board or similar research ethics review committee. The authors must accept sole responsibility for the statements in their abstracts.

  • Authors must disclose any conflict of interest.


Abstract Title (max 200 char): Please enter your abstract title in UPPER CASE (Capital letters). A maximum of 200 characters including spaces is permitted.

Abstract authors

  • Please note that you (the submitting author) will automatically be entered as the presenting author and all correspondence about the abstract submission will be sent to you. You can change the presenting author to another author of the abstract.

  • Please enter a maximum of 10 co-authors that were involved in the work of the abstract in the order you wish them to appear.

  • Should you wish to change the presenting author, highlight your name, click "edit" and unclick the selection for presenting author. Save. Then click the presenting author's name, click "edit" and click the selection for presenting author. Save

  • Authors names should not be in capital letters.

  • The abstract must be presented at the congress by one of the authors.

Abstract text

max 2000 char
  • Your abstract should not exceed 2000 characters including spaces.

  • Please check your abstract carefully and have the English checked as it will not be edited.

  • Do not include any identifying terms in the text: authors names, institution name, city, even country is discouraged as the abstracts are reviewed blind and the reviewers should not be able to identify the authors.

  • Please write your abstract using the following IMRAD structure: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion/Conclusion if appropriate.

  • Abbreviations must be established the first time they are used and then used consistently. Do not use abbreviations in titles or table and figure legends.

  • The use of trade names and company identification is discouraged.

  • If you copy and paste your abstract, all images and tables will be lost.

  • To insert special characters and formatting, please use the drop down boxes. The characters that are not recognized by the programme will be shown in red in the preview and should be changed.

  • To insert a table, save it as an image first and then insert as an image.

  • To insert an image, please use the drop down box (insert image). Scroll to the bottom of the screen, click the images button and click on the hyperlink. Abstract tables and figures (max 2).

  • Please note that only two images, tables or figures, are permitted in your abstract. The required formats for any images are jpeg, tif or gif files (not exceeding 500KB). Any files uploaded in a .doc (Word), .ppt (PowerPoint), .xls (Excel) or any other format not mentioned above, will not be visible.


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